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Celebrating the LOVE OF MUSIC! February news...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 by Hannah Violette | Uncategorized

I found this quote in the Baker High School band room today and immediately had to turn it into art.  It's so very true, isn't it?  As we come into February we think about celebrating love - for our sweethearts, our children, our friends, and I certainly hope the music we make!

Please make sure you check the February calendar carefully.  With Syllabus looming, I don't want any students missing a lesson, but my own schedule is a bit wonky.  There is a high school incoming-freshmen event, the Oregon Music Educators' Association conference, and a new concert in the high school band/choir concert series, all of which have wreaked just a bit of havoc on the studio schedule.  Some lessons have been moved to Thursdays as a result.  Contact me directly if you have any questions.

Your February invoice includes the Syllabus fee, so it is a little bit higher.  I have to pay for the registration by February 4th, so please pay this particular invoice as promptly as you possibly can.  You're all so dependable, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great group of families and students!

Since love is the theme of this particular month, I've attached a video of one of my favorite vocal ensembles (Salt Lake Vocal Artists) singing "If Music Be the Food of Love" by David Dickau.  Please take a few minutes to enjoy it!

And with that, if music be the food of on!