Other Musical Services


Learning to play the piano can be more enriching as an adult than as a child - no parents dragging you to lessons or nagging you to practice, a clear sense of what you want to accomplish, and courage to say, "I don't want to play that!"  Unlike children, adults have freedom of direction and action. What adults don't have, unlike children, is TIME.  For the adult student who can't commit to a yearly term, "a la carte" scheduling is available for $25/lesson; scheduling is done from week to week based on available (non-colored) time on 2015-2016 Calendar.  Standard enrollment fee ($100/year) and cancellation policy applies; payment is due at each lesson.



Specialty coaching is for the student who requires instruction for only a limited duration, in preparation for a specific event or goal...similar to a bride's father taking dance lessons 6 weeks before the wedding!  Some examples might be:

  • College audition
  • State Solo & Ensemble
  • Musical Theatre Role
  • Other Vocal/Instrumental Solo or Group preparation

$25/session (20 minutes preparation, 40 minute session).  All sessions must be scheduled and paid for prior to start. 



Otherwise known as collaborative playing, if you find yourself in need of an accompanist, I am skilled in ensemble playing and am well-versed in accompanying both vocal and instrumental groups and soloists.

$25/hour, plus travel, room, and board if required.  All fees payable upon contract signing.



Perhaps you need a special song written, or have written words that you'd like to have set to music.  I am a published lyricist and composer, and can utilize a variety of styles to prepare your original piece.

Price will be determined upon commission.  50% down at contract signing; 50% upon product delivery.



Weddings, funerals, parties of all sorts...live music will add a dimension to your event.  From classical to contemporary to sacred, I will give your event musical texture that your guests will enjoy, talk about, and remember.

Wedding rehearsal (up to 3 hours) and ceremony: $250

Wedding reception: $25/hour

Funeral:  $150

Parties and miscellaneous social events: $25/hour

50% payable at time of contract signing; balance due at time of service delivery. All events outside a 10-mile radius will incur a $0.56/mile travel fee.  Events requiring overnight travel will incur room and board charges, payable at the time of contract signing.