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Policy Update - Lesson Swapping Now Available!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 by Hannah Violette | Policy

Hello, Harmonics Parents and Students!

The countdown is on and we are just moments away from a new school and, thus, piano year.  Please take a few minutes to refresh yourself on the studio policies ( and make special note of these two new features:

1.  Lesson swapping.  As you know, sick absences are excused, as are up to two personal absences during the year.  However, if you would like to avoid those absences, you might try the lesson swap option.  At the first lesson, each student will be provided with a student schedule that will have each student family and telephone number.  If you know your student will be gone on Tuesday during their normal lesson, you can call other families to see if they would be willing to trade lesson times that week.  If you do arrange this, please notify me immediately.

2.  No materials.  If a student arrives without their piano materials, the lesson will be cancelled and treated as a no-show.  I don't have duplicates of most students' lesson materials and so it is imperative that each student retain responsibility of bringing them to each lesson.

I am SO EXCITED for this new year!  Now that my super-intensive grad program is OVER (praise be to God!), I have energy and vision that I can pour into each student at a much higher capacity.  We have more performance opportunities than ever before, and it will just be an exciting year!

New Year Begins August 28

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 by Hannah Violette | Uncategorized

Hello, Harmonics Students and Families!

It's been an active, busy summer and I personally can't wait to settle into the normal routine of the school year, which begins on August 28 and all continuing students WILL HAVE LESSONS that week!  New students will begin after Labor Day.  We have a lot of exciting performance events scheduled this year; be sure and check out the Studio Calendar to see all of the upcoming opportunities!

See you all very soon!